Fire Roasted Pizza {easy, delicious camping food}

Once we get past the oatmeal packets for breakfast or roasting s'mores and hot dogs, I'm not great at figuring out camping food. I was slightly proud to come up with this tasty camping meal. Daniel was skeptical at first, but it turned out great! My brother prepared some yummy toppings and Daniel perfected the fire-roasting. Definitely a meal I look forward to having again, either on another camping trip or on someone's backyard fire pit or grill!

Prepare optional toppings. A can of black olives and a can of pineapple, a zucchini and a bell pepper. All easy to prepare even with a dull knife or no can-opener.

Roast over fire. Allow fire to die down and cook over hot coals. (This picture isn't accurate, but it looks cooler with the flames coming up over the pizza :) The bottom will be blackened and the cheese will be melted.

Serve on flattened cardboard pizza box. No plates necessary! Totino's are perfect for individual pizzas. They can also be cut into slices.