Laptop Case Inspiration from Etsy

I got a new laptop! Which means time to go computer case shopping so my husband will "let me" leave the house with it. I found some fun and different sleeves and cases on Etsy--most of which aren't sturdy enough to get my husband's approval, or are just a lil out of my price range. But they're worth sharing here!

{1} Cork Laptop Bag, 108.00 by Corkor
{2} Leather Laptop Sleeve, 120.00 by WoodBoneAndStone (also available in dark brown leather)
{3} Wool Laptop Bag, 120.00 by TheParkAfterDark (also available in plaid)
{4} Wood Laptop Case, 125.00 by blackgizmo
{5} Mimosa Bird Laptop Bag, 45.00 by Mareri (also available in blue, green, and other colors)
{6} Sweet Sparrows Laptop Case, 62.00 by AnnyAndMe (also available in custom fabric)
{7} Merino Wool Felt Padded iPad Case, 45.00 by AlexMLynch (also in Macbook sizes)