Go Team USA! {and an attempt at the men's dress shirt shirt-dress}

For date night tonight, Daniel chose the impromptu theme of Olympics. We all wore red, white and blue, drew USA Olympic "tattoos" on our arms, and cheered on Team U.S.A.!

I don't own any red, so Daniel pulled out one of his many red tees for me to wear. I opted for one of his button-up shirts attempting the makeshift shirt-dress trend I'm seeing all over Pinterest.

Instead of looking up ways to tie it, I spent 15 minutes tying and retying until I got something reminiscent of a shirt dress. I hear larger shirts are easier to work with. And it helps if you have a chest if you're trying a strapless look. I do not, so while this was a fun (and patriotic) look for our at-home date, I don't think I could wear it out.

I look forward to trying out more looks with the men's dress shirt. Bea Johnson from the Zero Waste Family is sharing all of her #mensshirt looks on Twitter. Also search it on YouTube and Pinterest.

Go U.S.A.!