devotional wednesday {the olive tree}

{source of the art : the olive tree + source of the notes : nelsons NKJV study bible}
Today I get to share with you just a sampling of something Christina over at the The Olive Tree does every week called devotional wednesday. Enjoy today's post, then head on over to her blog to check out so much more!

While reading Philippians 2:5-10 the other day I stumbled across this scripture ... 

" Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus..."  That in itself is good, but while reading the notes for this scripture I came across this...
" actions are the fruit of our deepest thoughts..." so powerful! It really hit home with me.

All godly actions begin with renewing of the mind. 
Our minds are such a battle field.
The right thinking yields the right actions.

How are you renewing your mind today to produce godly actions?