White Tee + Skinny Jeans 5 Ways for Fall

simple fall season closet

First things first: I know very little about fashion.

I wear yoga pants and tees frequently... especially now that we've joined the gym and I have an excuse to wear workout clothes. When I've mentioned before that I wear white tees and skinny jeans everyday, I mean to say that is what I wear when lounge clothes aren't appropriate or when I want to "dress-up." Seriously.

Because this is my go-to outfit, (and because fall weather is slowly making it's appearance) I decided to skip Pinterest and the urge to dream up what I "need" this fall, and instead challenge myself to dive into my closet and create five different outfits head-to-toe. The only thing to stay the same would be my trusty pair of dark skinny jeans and my favorite v-neck tee (with the exception of one outfit that uses a long-sleeve white tee). Everything else had to change--earrings, purses, accessories, and hairstyles (tough, because I've put my hair in a high bun everyday--another workout favorite).

I should also add that ever since my first Project Eliminate, I've had a minimalist-esque wardrobe. So what you'll see in these outfits is nearly every shoe / sweater / purse / scarf that I own. They mix and match super easy, are all very versatile, and I use them frequently year-round (except the boots and sandals, which are seasonal)--all minimalist musts!

Here we go...

5 Fall Outfits from a White Tee + Skinny Jeans

You might notice I only describe the item (i.e., black cardi) rather than including the brand name. I did that intentionally, mainly because who made these clothes isn't really relevant in this post. Everything is "so last season" (or older). The point, instead, is to use what's in your closet to make your own personal wardrobe this fall. This is what I came up with from my closet...

simple wardrobe basics

Outfit 1 | coffee break

long grey sweater | casual slip-ons | yellow canvas bag | diamond stud earrings | green scarf and glove set | side braid

minimalist fashion staples

Outfit 2 | date night

black blazer | peep-toe heels | grey diamond clasp clutch | black chandelier earrings | loose, low bun

simple clothing basics

Outfit 3 | play date

black cardi | black sandals | earthy canvas bag | sheer scarf | cuffed jeans | subtle pompadour

white tee + skinny jeans belted with cardi and balet flats

Outfit 4 | girls' night out

black cardi | black flats | camel pleather bag | diamond earrings, diamond necklace | polka-dotted belt | low partial pony

white long sleeve tee, skinny jeans, leather boots, kazakh quilt purse, and pashmina

Outfit 5 | apple-picking

white long sleeve tee | brown boots | kazakh quilt purse | silver circle earrings | pashmina scarf | naturally curly

minimalist clothing

simple fashion staples

simple fashion: rolled skinny jeans and leafy handbag

fall minimalist fashion

sarah jessica parker "bitten" simple black blazer

lacy peep toe heels

Happy last day of summer!


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