Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 11: start or join a group

I'm turning the intro of today's topic over to my friend Mic. We heard from him and his wife Tori on Day 1 of this series. They are a power couple when it comes to opening their homes and creating a group of believers for fellowship, support, and encouragement. I asked about their experience with their small group. Here's Mic's response...
>> Have you ever had a pain in your chest when you walk out of church because there is a deep-seated question in your heart that asks if church is meant to be something more? That two hours one day a week just isn't enough?

It’s not enough for me, and so I started talking to trustworthy people about it. Eventually my wife and I found another couple who are also struggling. We are convinced that the solution will come from within the church and not from without so we determined to just gather together and talk about it and Jesus. It started with just the four of us getting together for a couple hours before Sabbath each week.

We started with a good meal followed with honest sharing of our feelings, hopes, desires, and frustrations. Then we would talk about Christ and pray. It became the best part of my week. Each week we would determine to study a certain passage or verse in the Scriptures.

As time went by we found more people who desired more from church and we invited them to meet with us. Our focus has moved away from our frustrations to what Jesus is doing in our lives right now and how we can reach out to the lost all around us.

Now there are about a dozen of us that get together, desperate to live the fullness of God that He determined the church to always be. We are 6th generation Adventists, frustrated, excited, atheists, 1st generation Adventists, and hopeful. I don’t know where the Lord will bring my family and me, but this is something I will do for the rest of my life. <<

Is two hours one day a week not enough for you?

It doesn't have to be.

Does a vibrant group of friends talking about Jesus sound like something you want to be a part of?

You can.

And it starts with you.

>> It starts with you attending the midweek service at your own church.
>> It starts with you contacting your pastor to ask if he knows of any small groups that have already started.
>> It starts with you inviting over a couple close friends for a meal and to talk about Jesus.
>> It starts with you bringing it up at girls/guys night and seeing if anyone else is interested.
>> It starts with you getting involved in your own church to meet and get to know people looking for the same thing you're in search of.

Get in the company of other little lights, and see how God grows your shine for Him!