Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 13: rejuvenate outdoors

If Shabbat is about stopping, what better place to stop than outdoors?

There's a song we used to sing in lil tyke Sabbath School classes (like Sunday School, but it's on Saturday, for those wondering):
The trees are gently swaying... The flowers are lightly nodding... The birds are swiftly flying... The leaves are softly falling... showing God's great love.

Such a simple song. One that gets at the heart of taking time each week to stop outdoors. All the creatures God made, the beautiful flow of life, the peaceful rhythms of nature, all show God's great love.

And rejuvenating in God's great love is just what we need more of in our lives... soaking in more of His love until it spills out into all areas of our lives, and soon, His children brightly shining is where all around will see God's great love.