Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 28: use your influence

This post is a continuation of day 21: realize your influence. Kylie shares how she has been lead to take her influence overseas. I pray you will ask God how He is calling you to use yours.
>> There’s a verse in the song “This Little Light of Mine” that talks about shining our lights all around the neighborhood. Until recently, I’ve never thought much of this statement. I mean, sure, love your neighbor as you love yourself--we’ve all heard this a time or two, right? Somewhere along the way, I gave my “neighborhood” boundaries, and allowed myself to believe that as long as I was doing my best to love my local barista and give a kind shout out to the mailman, I had that idea covered.

I’m learning that anytime I think I’ve got something figured out, there’s a good chance I am further from the truth than ever. Just as I was settling into the idea that I was a lover-extraordinaire, someone rocked my world.

“Have you considered,” they asked, “that our neighbor has a neighbor, who has a neighbor, who has a neighbor? And when we consider all this neighbor-ness, there is a brilliant ripple that breaks down all boundaries and suggests the whole world might be our neighbor.”

God has overwhelmed my heart. He is rocking my world with His bold and beautiful call to love my world-wide neighborhood. I’m energized and impassioned.

kylie in nepal

But, I’m also uneasy. God is growing and stretching us. He’s calling us to a love that isn’t always comfortable--a love that asks us to be a voice for those who have been silenced, a welcome hand for those who have been outcast, a meal for hungry tummies, an opposition to injustice. He’s asking you and I to offer our hands and feet and hearts and minds, loving like crazy in His name

In January, I’m uprooting and moving to Nepal for three years, teaching for an organization that works to rescue street children and girls victimized by human trafficking. When God called me to surrender to the idea of a world-wide love, I never expected He would actually lead me to the other side of the world. That possibility seemed too scary, too overwhelming, too much to ask of a twenty-four year old girl from Nebraska.

Thankfully, this loving business isn’t about me. Instead it is a story about God, His big heart, and how much He can love. 

Our specifics probably won’t look the same. God doesn’t call everyone to move to the other side of the world, but He does call each of us to love. Today, take a few minutes to consider new ways of caring for your neighbors down the street, and also for the ones the other side of the world, people you might never meet. There’s a big world out there in need of some serious Jesus love, desperately waiting for some little lights to shine. <<

kylie in nepal
Use your influence...

Kylie's partnership with Tiny Hands International is a self-funded project. Translation: she has to raise enough money to pay for all of her living expenses for the three years she will be there.That is a huge feat! But not with the Creator who is leading her on this adventure.

Applying what we learned on day 21, there are two ways for you to help...

1 | Raise money.

Kylie must raise money to fund her entire 3-year ministry in Nepal. To reach this goal, she needs 144 people to commit $10/month while she is there. You could also give annually, or choose a one-time gift. Whatever God impresses on you to give will be a blessing and a necessary part in helping the girls rescued from the streets and victimized by human trafficking.

2 | Raise awareness.

Share this post or Kylie's fundraising Web site with your friends on Twitter or Facebook or your blog. Use your influence to encourage others in supporting Kylie to literally be the presence of God's light in Nepal.