Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 9: worship as a family

Chubby little fingers interlocked. Knees bent and body bowing forward. Head turning up periodically just long enough to see that he's doing this thing right. This thing called prayer. And worship. And relationship with Christ.

That is what family worship provides our kids while they're too young to really know the difference. Too young to understand the words and too young to analyze why or struggle with doubt. They are, however, at the perfect age to practice. Practice singing and listening and sharing and believing. Practice faith and putting it into action.

We keep it simple for family worship. Reading a story from the kids' Bible while they eat their breakfast. Singing a song at bedtime as we walk the kids to their room. Kneeling by their bed as they take turns praying. Working on a memory verse throughout the week.

And singing, praying, talking about Jesus any other times that present themselves. Because putting worship into the daily routine just welcomes worship into all areas of life at all times of the day.

I am inspired by the hands-on activities and tactile experiences Giovanna (Gigi) provides for her girls. She has energy and creativity about her that I wish I could incorporate into our days. I asked her about shining her light and how family worships help her do that.

This is Gigi's response..

>> I feel like the best way I let my lil light shine is by "keeping it real." I'm not perfect, I don't always shine the right kind of light. I get angry, I get judgmental, and allow the world to suck up my life more than I would like it to. But I have a God that I can cling to who will love me, accept me, and change me for the better!

When talking to people, I don't want to come off as someone who has it all together because I don't. The only way I survive each day and each trial is with Jesus. I love Him so much because of His forgiveness, for His unconditional love, and His sacrifice that was meant for me. My little light shines, not because of what I do, but because what He is to me, what He does for me, and what I BECOME through Him.

In the end of the day, I don't care how much money my kids will make in the future, what kind of job they will have or even if they're straight "A's" students. Not that those things aren't important but my ultimate goal is for them to accept Jesus as their friend and as their father. The only way for Jesus to be a friend to them is by spending time with Him, getting to know Him as anyone else. This is why worship is so important to me [and for them.]

We have worships every morning to invite Jesus to join us throughout the day and we have evening worships to thank Him for our day. I really love to make worships fun and special so I try to change up what we do so that it's not just a "mindless" routine but something that excites their desire to learn more about our Creator/Savior.

I love adding hands-on elements of the bible story so that its real for them. We make motions for the memory verses so that its fun for them to learn, and of course we love singing all those action songs. It just brings so much joy to my heart when Audrey wakes up and you can hear her sing "Jesus loves me" from her room to ours. And Abbi, who doesn't verbalize a lot, will sing worship songs clear as day. My hope is that this helps my kids fall in love with Him, which will result in a brighter light than mine and a bright light for others. <<