Three Things...

One more lil link-up before leaving for the Influence Conference in SIX days!

3 random things...
{linking up with Blair from Wild and Precious}

1 | letting it shine + emily freeman
For my birthday last October I was gifted Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman, and really resonated with all she wrote, especially a paragraph about wishing to have a story to tell, making me realize how I've been like the prodigal's older brother. A year later and I'm sharing my first 31 days series {31 Days of Letting Your Lil Light Shine} and I will be hearing Emily Freeman speak in person on my birthday weekend!

2 | awesome sil + getting the funk out
I call my sister-in-law (sil) all the time for motivation, encouragement, or whenever I feel like I'm in a funk (don't worry, I call her on good days too :) We help each other out of our daily funks all the time, and put together a few ideas for getting the funk out.

3 | white tee + skinny jeans
After mentioning in the last linkup that I wear a white tee and skinny jeans daily, I put together five outfits for fall with those go-to staples. I still wear yoga pants most of the time at home, but it was fun to dress up my plain going-out outfit.

>> Looking forward to meeting lots of wonderful ladies at the Influence Conference, and seeing all God has in store for this special weekend!