Homemade Mini Christmas Tree

small, homemade Christmas tree
Last year I rounded up a few minimal, small space Christmas tree ideas >> here. I came up with our own solution using a vase, greenery, and our star tree topper and shared it in a post about our simple decor >> here. This solution is our main "tree" again this year. This time I'm sharing details in case you're inspired to make your own.

supplies: vase, lit greenery, poinsettas, mini ornaments, rustric tree topper

Mini Christmas Tree Supplies:

1 | vase

Any large vase of any material will do. One slightly tiered will give more of a tree shape, but isn't necessary.

2 | lit greenery

The greenery doesn't have to be lit. That's what we had on hand, and it saves a step of adding lights.

3 | poinsettas

I got bundles of these at the dollar store.

4 | mini ornaments

The mini ornaments (bulbs and garland) are from IKEA. Of course.

5 | tree topper

Something that can easily set inside the top of the vase, or even on top of it.

how to make a mini christmas tree

1 | wrap greenery

The greenery is prone to slip a bit. This year I took care of that by adding a tad of duct tape near the base to keep it steady as I wrapped. Also be sure to keep the enough chord free to plug in nearby outlet if you're using lit greenery.

2 | add ornaments

Wrap garland, hang bulbs, and poke in flowers.

3 | top with star

Either set base inside vase, or some angels might fit over top of vase. Vase can be stuffed with cloth or other material to help steady topper.

4 | display tree

Choose a shelf or table top to display. This year I put it on a high shelf to keep away from the kids' little grubbers.

tabletop christmas tree with nativity
homemade minimalist christmas tree
small space christmas tree


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