Broken | 5-minute friday with lisa-jo

The rich young ruler came to Jesus and didn't quite get what he expected.

"That thing you're holding so proudly and tightly to?" Jesus said, seeing through the ruler's prized possessions. "That's not gonna hold up in the Kingdom. Hand it over."


He couldn't do it. It was too hard. The very thing he thought would break him, would have been his salvation. And he turned it down. And ended up broken.

In the same manner, I feel Jesus turning to me. "You know those passions you're holding so tightly to? Determined to make them happen above the other things I'm leading you to value?" I hold tightly, breath held hoping that's not where He's going. "I want them. More than them, I want you. All of you."


Because the very thing that seems to break me, is my salvation. His way of breaking through the grip, until I only grip Him.

And in that, my brokenness is healing. My sacrifices are lost in His sacrifice.

Daily, I am crucified with Christ.

What am I doing to live it?


The above post is my first Five Minute Friday post with Lisa-Jo Baker. Today's word: Broken. I typed the whole five minutes, and that's all I came up with. I must be a slow typer or slow thinker--or other's are lying about writing their posts in five minutes :)

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Happy resurrection weekend!