Dear Reader | April 2013

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Dear Reader,

If you've been around Beginner Beans (or me) for any time at all, you've likely learned that I love green--both as a color and as a lifestyle. Green lamps add color to our otherwise neutral living room. Green text spruces up this plane jane blog. Green smoothies help us treat ourselves more healthfully. Green-inspired tees complete my minimalist wardrobe.

My favorite tees read "live with less" and "earth day every day."

They're more than witty tees, they're messages of how I want to live--beyond recycling or cloth diapering (though I enjoy doing both). Life is better when I'm content with what I have, eat my daily greens (if only in a smoothie), and grow closer to God in His creation. That is green living to me.

And that is what I believe was intended when...
The Lord God took the man
and put him in the garden of Eden
to tend and keep it. | Gen. 2:15

This month, I'm sharing more about "green living" as a part of Earth Day (April 22) and essentially earth month.

May we join the trees in clapping our hands for our abundant life in Him! (Is. 55:12)

Happy Earth Month!


PS, a group of special people got this schedule a week early in their inbox with info on the month's giveaway and an upcoming announcement. Join us, and sign-up for the Beginner Beans monthly-ish newsletter >> here. Look forward to keeping in touch!