7 Things I Learned in July

7 things i learned in july

It's been far too long since I've said "hi" around here, so I'm doing so today by joining Emily Freeman's What I Learned in July link up. Here it is, a few things I learned in July in no particular order... (Also, the photos don't necessarily have relevance to the things I learned--they're simply photos from our happenings in July.)

1 | Joyce Hall, of Hallmark fame, is pretty cool.

He invented wrapping paper, and came up with the first recorded greeting card that included a little record to play music. Plus, he's from the Midwest--a place I call home.

2 | I like camping.

In a tent. Restlessly tossing on the firm ground. Waking up to a drizzle. Trying to make sure no one touches the edges of the tent so the water doesn't leak in on us; Ian eagerly proclaiming, "I just touch it with one finger!" Eating easy foods, hanging out by the water, no primping in the mirror before seeing people. Unplugging. It's therapeutic.

3 | Anyone who has been (or is) homeless, gets my respect.

Jewel had her career start in homelessness. Des on the Bachelorette lived with her family in a tent when she was younger. I just read Under the Overpass, an incredible story of a couple college guys that chose to live homeless for five months. I just deeply respect anyone who has experienced some form of homelessness. Because, really as Christians, we're all homeless until Heaven.

4 | Homemade D.O. rocks.

Daniel confirmed my opinion when he raved about not having to reapply at the end of the day like he used to have to do with his trusty Old Spice. Then, he further solidified when he boldly encouraged my brother-in-law to smell his armpit after a day of camping. The next day he proudly proclaimed that he was still smell-free on Day 2 of camping with no reapplication. I love this stuff, but now I just sit back and let my husband do all the promoting.

7 things i learned in july
7 things i learned in july

5 | Depression doesn't always make one feel depressed.

Okay, this might be kind of "heavy" for this particular post, but it's true. Depression can creep into ones life steadily and slowly, almost without notice. Everything becomes neutral with just enough normalcy and life to hardly notice the daily funk. Except that something that used to bring excitement (like, say, writing a blog post), now is avoided. When everything is good in life, it feels shameful to even consider depression might be the cause. Isn't that just for people going through serious life changes? Or for people that struggle with a permanent imbalance? Nonetheless, the funk needs to get out!

6 | Even moms can take sick days.

I used to feel that a mom never gets a day off. And that's partly true, because kids always need fed and watched, dishes and laundry always need washed. But, it's okay, and even essential, for a mom to take a day off--whether that's on the weekend, when she has an ear infection, or when she's feeling plain ol' overwhelmed. How is this done? you might ask. It's simple. Delay getting up for the day, while the kids climb in bed with you. When you do get dressed, wear something comfy. Only do those chores that need to be done (dishes in the dishwasher after the meal is a good minimum). Turn on the TV or read while the kids do the same. Don't create or look at a to-do list or calendar. Avoid e-mail, social media, or anything else that can suck your time or keep you from feeling rested. Nap when the kids nap, or rest on the couch while they play (turning on music helps). At the end of the day, when kids are safely in bed, put on a face mask, take an epsom salt bath, then do some stretching and meditating. Basically, slow and simplify and soak in lots of grace. Or accept your husband's gift of a plane voucher, and take a few days to go visit a friend. You know, whatever works.

7 | Time steadily moves along, like it or not.

I'm discouraged that I didn't get the posts written this month that I had planned. In celebration of Daniel's and my 6th wedding anniversary, all of my posts this month were going to in some way relate: curry recipe (that was served at our reception), photo books (debut of our Blurb wedding album), joint financial planning. You get the idea. You might notice, none of that happened. And here we go barreling into August where my girly will be starting her first year of all day school. Oh, the bittersweetness!

7 things i learned in july
7 things i learned in july