Dear Reader | August 2013

Dear Reader,

Once you've experienced the cycle of the school year--classes, short holiday breaks, summer, classes again--it's hard to get it out of your system. I think that's less about 12+ years of drilling it in, and more about the need for this flow even as adults.

I get into this groove of daily life--consuming, producing, and running through a recurring schedule. Then, there is always a point when a "summer vacation" is essential. An opportunity to break from the routine and the consuming-producing cycle to just be.

This summer was definitely that for me. Maybe not so much at the beginning, but definitely by the time July rolled around. I was in a daze of overload and needed a break from it. Which I got. An overnight camping trip with the family. A quick anniversary trip to KC. A long weekend visiting a friend in Kentucky sans kids.

Oh, how therapeutic and necessary each of those breaks were! Now, I return ready to continue the cycle--this time, rejuvenated and anticipating the challenges of entering one grade level above where I left.

That said, it'll likely be quiet around here for the next couple months. I promise you this isn't without reason. I'm taking a little break from my freelance writing projects and 3-a-week posts here on the blog, so I can put my limited words and time and energy into a couple projects I get to share with you. I, for one, am excited about that!

For these updates, be sure you're signed up for my monthly-ish news + updates e-mail list. Of course, updates will eventually be shared here on Beginner Beans when the time is right, and I'll even try to post once a week (no promises). But the insider scoop is shared with my e-mail friends first.

We'll also be adjusting to family transitions as our girly goes off to Kindergarten and jumps into her own school cycle. Something I so looked forward to a few months ago (my little extrovert needs people!), I'm now facing head-on with lots of sentimentalism and reluctance. As a result, expect my next couple posts to be family-focused.
To everything there is a season, A time
for every purpose under heaven | Ecc. 3:1
I pray blessings and peace on your own family's transitions.

Happy Back-to-School Season!


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