New Chore Charts

kindergartener, toddler routine charts

Curious what I've been working on? This is it. Chore charts. And no, this isn't exactly the "project" I decided to take a writing/blogging break to work on. But it needed done nonetheless.

I made Brylee's last picture chart almost exactly two years ago. Ian wasn't even a year yet, so I didn't do one for him. He tore her's down a couple months later and we haven't had one up since. (I know.)

So, this go around, I condensed the chart so they both have a one-pager; the colors are a little subtler; Brylee's has "help with household chores" where Ian has "use the potty." And there I summed up the key differences between a kindergartener and a toddler.

Here's a little more about what I mean / expect from the kiddos for each chart...

Kindergartener Chore Chart

download free kindergartener chore chart here
ages 4-6 ish

Clean Room // Make bed, Pick-up toys, Help brother
Pick-up Clothes // Get dressed, Put dirty in laundry, Help fold and Put away
Help with Meals // Help make, Eat, Put dishes in sink
Clean Self // Brush teeth, Bathe, Comb hair
Household Chores // Pick-up, Sweep, Swiffer, Dust
Play Time // Dress-up, Read, Puzzles, Color
Worship // Memorize, Read, Discuss, Sing, Pray

Toddler Chore Chart

download free toddler chore chart here
ages 18 mos-3 ish

Clean Room // Pick-up toys
Pick-up Clothes // Put dirty in laundry
Help with Meals // Eat, Put dishes in sink
Clean Self // Brush teeth, Bathe
Use the Potty // Potty-training
Play Time // Cars, Trains, Blocks, Puzzles, Read, Pirate
Worship // Memorize, Read, Sing, Pray

Chore Chart Tips

We're no pros at this, but here are a few ideas as you embark on your own chore chart adventure:

~ Get ideas for age-appropriate chores: focus on the family // parenting squad

~ The first week is training how to use it; younger kids will need reminders for weeks (months?) following; bigger kids should eventually be able to check chore chart and not need reminders.

~ We will eventually pay on these like we did before, at the end of each day.

~ I made Brylee's flower magnets last time, and Ian's dot magnets were 16 for $3 from Target.

~ Little tike charts might need to be put out of reach (on the top part of the fridge, or on a separate portable magnet board) and then help them when it's time to add a magnet. Ian loves making a mess of his chore chart.

~ With that in mind, when you find a chore chart you like that works, consider laminating it. You could still use magnets or try using a dry erase marker to check things off. But it will hopefully last longer--paper is far too destructible with young kids.

~ A lot of this (i.e., Worship) is still about routine and helping the kids see what we do through the day. I especially want Brylee to look at it in the morning and after school to think for herself what she should do and (hopefully) take longer before asking.

~ See my last chore chart post for ideas on allowance / rewards.

~ Certain chores have to be done (make bed, clean toys, etc.) before any TV, etc.

Happy chore charting!