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31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner
Update: The Epic Beginner ebook and guided journal are now available >> here.

Last year's 31-day series came to me in the spring, was mapped out in July, and half written by September, with 17 contributor responses to boot. This year? Not so much. I've been praying about it, brainstorming ideas, and... nothin'. Then, it dawned on me.

Sometimes, the answers are right in front of us and we don't even realize.

Kind of like when we lost our car key on Labor Day. We were supposed to meet friends at the pool, but instead we spent 2 1/2 hours (which felt like 10) looking for our car key. Yes, we only have one--one car and one key. The key is a fob that we were already dreading the complicated process to replace it.

Through the scouring of our home, the car and the walk between the two, and all the prayers said silently and out loud, I kept hearing a simple prodding to look up. It came to me over and over. To the point that in each room I'd look up and think, "It's just a ceiling, Lord. Just a ceiling."

It was 5:30 when my mom came over, was gonna help us look for a minute, then help us get take-out for supper. After one last effort, Daniel noticed the car hood wasn't closing right. He pulled it back open, looked up, and there it was. It was sitting on the edge of the car and had gotten wedged into the underside of the hood when he closed it.

> > > > >

That's when I realized I've been stuck on the ceiling and missing the obvious.

It's in my site name, in my posts and taglines--it's in my being.

I am a beginner. Not just any beginner--an epic beginner. Because I've sort of learned to own it. To get good at it. The trying and starting. The failing and good-enough succeeding. The eternal process of it all. And I hope it never changes.

So, because that's what this blog is about and that's what I'm about, for the next 31 days I am posting for all of us beginners. More specifically my experiences in getting past excuses and fears, starting, overcoming challenges, failing, sometimes succeeding, and resting.

Lots of resting.

> > > > >

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Let's get started!

31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner

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I n t r o  //

day 1: Say Yes (What is an epic beginner?)

E x c u s e s   +   F e a r s   //

day 2: If it ain't broke, break it.
day 3: Be the type to do it anyway.
day 4: Let something go.
day 6: Don't freak out.
day 7: Dive in.

S t a r t i n g  //

day 8: Try something new.
day 9: Learn about it.
day 10: Get to it, already.
day 11: Simple is good enough.
day 13: Give yourself freedom to evolve.

C h a l l e n g e s  //

day 14: Choose optimism.
day 15: Look for signs of danger.
day 16: Replace gazing with growing.
day 17: Welcome critique over criticism.
day 18: Journey together.

F a i l i n g  //

day 20: Preparation prevents failure.
day 21: Failure isn't all-inclusive.
day 22: Failure helps us focus.
day 23: Failing happens for a reason.
day 24: Letting go isn't failure.

S u c c e e d i n g  //

day 25: You don't have to be good to have fun.
day 27: Success is about others.
day 28: Success happens one step at a time.
day 29: Success is contentment in this phase.
day 30: Success is showing up.

R e s t i n g  //

day 5: Take a break.
day 12: Let us love.
day 19: Keep on keepin' on.
day 26: Your day will come.

C o n c l u s i o n  //

day 31: Begin again. And again. And again...


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