Day 1: Say Yes

31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner // 1: Say Yes
Day 1 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner.

A few years ago we were driving down the busy street near our home in Apopka, Florida. Excitement flooded my mind, spewing ideas out of my mouth. We were moving in a month. We didn't know where, but that sort of unknown always ignites a sense of adventure in me. None of my ideas were particularly grand, but they sure felt grand inside me.

"Then, we can sell our car and use bikes to get around! We'd save on gas and insurance." I spoke higher and faster as I went. "We wouldn't have to do it forever. Maybe challenge ourselves for six months, or a year? Just long enough to have more appreciation for what we have and learn to be a little more self-sufficient and green. You know?!"

My husband smiled and nodded his support, like he usually does when I go off on an excited tangent. Then he lightheartedly stated the obvious, "You sure find a way to make everything epic."

I gladly took his observation as a compliment. This wasn't the first time I was excited over a simple yet "epic" idea that would "just be so grand."


It likely started before kindergarten. We lived in a small Kansas town (as in population: 800 where my dad eventually became the mayor). We had the city and school parks within a couple blocks; the woods-enclosed (and out-of-commission) train tracks just down the street; an indoor swimming pool that we had a year-round family membership to; and we all had bikes to get us between each of these simply grand destinations.

These weren't just ways to pass time--these were part of my calling. Going on a bike ride held some sort of mission. Playing in the woods or by the trestles held the promise of adventure. Rappelling out of one of the tall pine trees in our front yard was a challenge I couldn't turn down.

Each was perhaps one small step to finding "away" in a tiny midwestern town. An everyday approach to do something that felt impressively great.


It sounds a little bit like John Elderedge's book Wild at Heart. Or, more appropriately for me, a girl's desire to play an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure like John and Stasi share in the female version: Captivating. And countless other books.

Because we all long to be a part of a bigger story. A story that started when Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and Jesus was to be born on Earth to save us all. It's the story of faith, when we're called like Peter to get out of the boat or instructed like the rich young ruler to give all we have to the poor. A call to join Jesus on a grand adventure out of our ordinary, comfortable world and into His salvation.

It's the story of a Helper sent to guide us through the struggles and the challenges. The story of a death to our selves so He can transform us for eternity with Him.


Joseph Campbell coined it the Monomyth or the Hero's Journey.

It's the journey with Christ to His Kingdom. A place where the weak are made strong in Him. Beauty is made from ashes. And every day we live is one more echo of the story--of His story.

Saying yes to try surfing or backpacking or starting a blog or changing careers or eating vegan or exercising, or just yes to live this life, this day with passion and intention. It doesn't seem like much. But each beginner step is important. For me, it's saying "yes" to Christ. And saying yes to Christ makes everyday--even the simple, beginning stuff (especially the simple beginning stuff)--an adventure.

An adventure with Christ to His Kingdom.

That is the journey of an epic beginner.


Does the magnitude of that scare you just a little? When thinking about starting your new thing (a hobby, a business, a lifestyle?), do you feel just a little intimidated or fearful, or do you have excuses and questions?

I hope so. Because that is just what we'll be talking about for the next 30 days. See you back here tomorrow to start looking at our excuses and fears, and eliminating them.


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Everyday is an adventure. Are you ready?!

Day 1 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner.