Day 3: Be the type to do it anyway.

31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner // Day 3: Be the type to do it anyway.

Day 3 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner.

Another big excuse for not starting is that we don't belong. We get this idea in our heads of the type of person that should do this thing, and with all of our infinite wisdom we rule ourselves out. Maybe it's our age--we'll always be too old or too young for something. Sometimes it's petty like our gender or appearances, or a bigger lack of qualification.

Often it's just our perception that someone else is somehow better or we simply aren't good enough.

It's time we stop excluding ourselves, and accept that we just might be the person to do this. Or at least the person to try.


When I was thirteen, my dad was supposed to line up the person to give the sermon while the pastor was away. (He had already taken his turn.) Being a sucker for a challenge bigger than me, I said yes.

You see, my dad used to joke that I was their little mute. When I was two, he held me standing in the foyer of church while various people stopped to say hi. Because I never said anything to them (and sometimes even closed my eyes to wish them away), they believed my dad and offered sympathy for this child that would never speak.

Of course, I grew out of that. But it's always been a piece of who I am--or rather who I was. The ultra-introvert and even painfully shy little girl. Slow to warm up to people, hesitant to speak even to friendly strangers, and avoid-er of the spotlight.

Given my reserved past, I certainly felt I wasn't the "type" to give a sermon. But, like I said, I'm a sucker for a challenge bigger than me. I prayed through the writing and preparation and practicing and, oh yeah, more practicing. I marked on my sermon notes (which was actually a word-for-word manuscript) reminders to look up and pause.

My dad helped a lot, even putting together a slide show of the Bible texts, and helping find a terrific song to play in closing to really give it a punch.

I can't even describe to you the high I felt when it was over. I spoke clearly and concisely and didn't panic and run away like I feared I might. As I believe God had wanted to speak through Moses the stutterer, I felt God had spoken through adolescent Trina, the introverted, shy girl. Sure a million people could do it better; but for that time and that audience, God called me.

I've spoken many times since--for a week of prayer, chapels, worships and vespers, a couple churches, and even with a translator in Mongolia. And every time has been the same. Jesus changes my "type" just long enough to make it clear it's Him speaking, not me.


Because, you see, it doesn't matter as much what type you are. It matters that we serve a God who is the type to accept small offerings of ourselves and turn it into something different. It matters that we become the type to ignore those discouraging voices and instead tune in to the Voice telling us to do it anyway.

Next time you're tempted to rule yourself out, or think that someone else could do it better, or that you're too (fill in your perceived handicap), just remember those are likely the very reasons God is calling you. Because He wants to do big things in and through you so that your life points back to Him. And that just doesn't as easily happen when we're already qualified.

An epic beginner is the type to not be limited by qualifications, age, or any number of limitations, and instead does it anyway.


Answer in the comments:

Share one way you feel limited. Does that feel like a limit you put on yourself, or is it maybe an area God is leading you to "do it anyway"?

Day 3 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner.