Day 4: Let something go.

31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner // 4: Let something go.

Day 4 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner

Have you felt spent? Whether it's finances, energy, time, sanity--it's not uncommon to run low in one or all. Stuff and technology and those blasted perfect beautiful Joneses. Or maybe it's our own doing. Committing to too much, or feeling responsible for things that maybe really aren't our responsibility.

It should be obvious that feeling maxed out isn't good for us. Research shows all the terrible things stress can do to our health--mental, physical, emotional. But it also keeps us from starting anything new. Sometimes that's a good thing. But sometimes, feeling maxed out all the time can keep us from beginning something that matters. Something really, really good. Even something epic.


When I started college, I got a job working in the enrollment office helping with campus visits. Eventually, I became the student team leader, often going over the max of 20 hours that I was allowed to work as a student, on top of a full class load. I get the can-do attitude blessing/curse from my mom. If something needs to be done, we do it.

More than a year later, summer rolled around and I struggled being in the office. I found myself clocking out at 2:30 so that I could get some fresh air, going for a run, reading or taking pictures at the lake. I had hit my max and it was time to let something go.

A somewhat long story short, I ended up quitting the job in enrollment. And spent the rest of the summer travelling--camping in Moab with my brother, attending a friend's wedding in Colorado, visiting friends in Tennessee, and going to my brother's wedding in Virginia. From there, I flew with my mom to California where she worked at a camp in Yosemite, and I spent three weeks working in the kitchen and spending afternoons on the rocks by the river.

I affectionately call it "my summer of adventure." It was one of those hurrahs in life where you live with a little wild abandon, and it pays off. Quitting the security of my job at the college was a step of faith that seemed outright stupid to some. But the doors quickly opened to work with my mom, and it financially evened out. (Thank you, California, for a higher minimum wage.)

It didn't just pay off financially. That summer was just the emotional and mental boost I needed. A little refocus before finishing up college; and a re-connection with Jesus and renewed faith in Him.


Are you wondering what the take-away is here?

Well, it's this: I know you're maxed out. There's some area that makes you feel like you have nothing left to give. And it's keeping you from starting something bigger and better. So, for the sake of rejuvenating and replenishing your resources and reviving your life--let something go.

Find that area that you need to step in faith with a little wild abandon. A hobby that no longer inspires you? A volunteer position that drains you? A business idea that's not going anywhere?

Only you can decide what can be let go. Ask God what it might be.

When you do let go, prayerfully consider what to fill in it's place. I know God has a plan for you that will not leave you spent, maxed out, or empty. Let go with wild abandon so you can begin that plan.

More tomorrow on the temporary version of letting go: Taking a break.


Answer in the comments:

Share one hobby/idea/job/responsibility/obligation it might be time to let go of. Do you already have dreams of what you'd fill in its place?

Day 4 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner