Simple is good enough.

31 Lessons of an Epic Beginner // 11: Simple is good enough.

Day 11 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner

When I became a stay-at-home mom, I knew I wanted to provide my family with healthier home-cooked meals. After a couple years of efforts, I also began to realize I really value simple cooking. Meals, simplified. Fewer, fresher ingredients. Sometimes not 100% homemade, but convenient whole foods when possible.

It's when I began cooking, among other things, when I really started to adapt a new motto: Simple is good enough.

When you start, start simple. Avoid getting overwhelmed before you've even decided if you like what you're doing. And even if you could technically do better, know when to call it good enough. Your sanity will thank you.

In that light, enjoy one of our most favorite, simple recipes ;)


H I N T - O F - L I M E   T A C O S

b a s i c s
soft corn taco shells
canned black and chilli beans
taco seasoning

o p t i o n a l
burger crumbles (we use Morning Star)
bell pepper
salsa (or other condiments like cheese, sour cream, guacamole)
fresh lime

1 | Heat taco shells over medium heat flipping to lightly brown both sides. Stow between damp cloths to keep soft and warm until ready to eat.

2 | Heat beans over medium heat. Add in taco seasoning to taste, also a squeeze or two of lime juice. Ground cumin and chilli powder are also good for adding flavor.

3 | Brown burger crumbles over medium heat. Season with taco seasoning.

4 | Prepare whatever produce you have for toppings.

5 | Layer up beans, burger crumbles, produce and condiments on soft taco shells. Squeeze juice from a quarter fresh lime wedge over tacos. Enjoy!

h o w   w e   d o   i t
Sometimes we have really simple tacos with just one or two toppings over beans, and other times we have the works. Sometimes we buy everything ready to heat/serve (taco shells, beans, salsa, guac); other times, we get motivated and homemake some or all of it. (We feel especially fancy those times.)

That's the beauty of accepting simple as good enough--sometimes it really is plainly simple, other times it's simply extravagant. But it's always good enough.


Answer in the comments:

What one thing do you love the simple version more?

Day 11 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner