friday update // january

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Here's a snapshot into my January happenings. You know, just a little effort to keep something current here. Even though I spend hardly anytime writing here, post ideas and such still run constantly through my head. Time will tell if I'll get any of them posted. But at least you can count on a monthly update ;)

1 //  5 - m i n   b e a u t y

This month has been all about 5-minute (or less) effort for me. This includes the 4-minute workout, a makeup routine that is done in 3 minutes, and even trying a new hairstyle or two. In my couch-laying days, I ODed on What Not to Wear on Netflix. Doing so helped sink in the point that it's okay, even good, to put a little effort into myself. It doesn't have to be much or lead to self-absorption and vanity. Just enough to feel beautiful and confident and to look like I care, because it effects the way I act and treat those around me. I'm worth 5 minutes of effort, and I'm happy to finally embrace that.

2 //  h e l l o ,  f o o d

I am so thankful my cravings of processed, packaged foods is basically gone. And, I'm thankful that is what I craved through the sickness so now that's what doesn't appeal to me instead of turning my nose up at yummy whole foods. I am reconnecting with delicious smoothies, burritos, kale salad, all-things avocado, and even a little baking. Mmmm... pregnancy can start being enjoyable now :)

3 //  c a t c h - u p

This month has also included a lot of catching up. Cleaning our home one teeny corner at a time and going through neglected bills and papers. You know, all those things that a couple months of all-day first trimester sickness caused me to avoid. There's no other way to approach this than to just start. Do one thing, then maybe another. Take a break and do one more thing. It's the only way to get anything done really.

4 //  q u i e t   t i m e

Sadly, a good devotional routine also went by the wayside in the last couple months. I'm diving back in with finishing up reading the Bible through (I'm so close to finishing last year's goal), and reading Believing God by Beth Moore. It is excellent and I so needed to let these Bible truths sink in and grow me. If you're looking to (re)start a daily Bible reading routine then I recommend checking out the Soul Detox reading plan on YouVersion or Both are great ways to ease back in. Even five minutes a day makes a difference! And, can quickly grow to 50 ;)

5 //  f a m i l y

This month, Ian turned 3! We already did cupcakes for Ian on Brylee's b-day, so we went out as a family on his birthday to celebrate. This might be the last year we can get away with that, so I figured surviving first trimester was a good excuse to take advantage. I started taking weekly-ish belly bump photos of Baby 3 on Instagram with brief updates on how the baby is growing, etc. And, we are happy to still get to hang out with this >> fun family while they're in the area.

January has been good, especially with the hope that I will not be sick this entire pregnancy, our home can be clean, and spring is on its way. Okay, so we have a while left of winter. But I'll take whatever warm days in between that we can get!

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