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Last summer I shared my love for Warby Parker eyewear here on the blog. I tried them because I needed to replace my Ray Bans that I had accidently demolished and didn't have much money to do so. My experience has been so great it's only natural for me to want to share with you.

Here's the nutshell: They offer super affordable glasses (frames + prescription lenses for only $95), and prescription sunglasses (frames + prescription lenses for only $150). It was so easy to send the receipt to our insurance to get reimbursed. They have design-esque styles, try-on is super easy from home, and they even donate a pair of glasses for every pair they sell. What's not to love?

See my original post >> here for the background and to see my frames.

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And, now, it's my main man Dan's turn to choose some glasses. He chose 4 frames through Warby Parker's Home Try-On Program, and they chose a 5th to fill up the tray. He has five days (starting yesterday) to try them on, share pictures, or do whatever he wants to pick his favorites. Then he'll send them all back, and go online to enter his prescription and such and complete the order.

All that back and forth with shipping and such (because the store is in New York and we're in the Midwest)--it doesn't add anything to our cost. And we don't pay anything until he places his final order. This is our second time through the process and I am still a big, big fan. We'll likely do it a couple more times in the next year to replace our prescription sunglasses too. Looking forward to that!

Choosing His Frames

So, enough of the details. Daniel agreed to let me exploit him a little so you could see some of their frames on a man. Doesn't he look excited about it?

Here are the few Daniel is choosing between. The Zagg is the fifth pair they threw in, and they seem a bit small on him. The fifth pair they put in for mine were the pair I chose, so I guess you never know.

nash // greystone

crane // sugar maple

downing // walnut tortoise

bensen // olivewood

zagg // cedar tortoise

warby parker glasses // nash, greystone
warby parker glasses // crane, sugar maple
warby parker eyewear // downing, walnut tortoise
warby parker frames // bensen, olivewood
warby parker prescription glasses // zagg, cedar tortoise

What do you think? Which style/color do you like the best on Daniel?

Warby Parker


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