Simple Celebrations

Simple Celebrations

In light of my birthday today (woo hoo!), I'm talking about simplicity versus celebrations. We've all fallen into the Pinterest-inspiration trap when planning a party. Some of us willingly, some of us reluctantly. Whether we enjoy planning all the little details, or we'd rather not at least this once, here are a few basics for putting together a simple celebration.


I mean, seriously, can you have a celebration without eating something good? It doesn't matter much if it's a desert, drink, or a meal, or if it's made by yourself or someone else, or if it's shared with a couple people or a big group. Something yummy is a good starting point for any celebration.

Family and Friends

A celebration by yourself isn't much of a celebration. Invite even just one person to share in the joy. Decide beforehand how much or little you'll do to prepare, then don't let the number of attendees change that.


This is where we can unexpectedly get carried away. If you truly enjoy decorating, then Pinterest away! But if you feel stress just thinking about it, then keep it simple. Put a small topper on the cake, fill up a few balloons, group flowers in a vase, frame an old picture of the honoree, or hang a couple streamers. It doesn't take much to add a little detail or two that says "this is a celebration."

Of course their are gifts, games, and other thoughtful details that can make a celebration special. But starting with at least these three things can keep any celebration simple and special. And because some people actually enjoy planning nice parties, here's a little thought from Simplicity Versus: The Ebook to leave you with:
It doesn't matter much if a celebration is extravagant or simple. Just so long as the people and reason for celebrating are not lost in the party-planning details.

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