Simple Fashion

Have you heard of Project 333? It's a challenge put on by Courtney Carver of Be More with Less to choose 33 items (or less) and wear only those items for 3 months.

I'm doing it this month. Not entirely by choice. It's necessary as I'm in an awkward no-longer-pregnant-but-also-not-yet-my-previous-size phase. So I took what fit and what I was comfortable in--which was less than 33 items--and made those my "capsule wardrobe" of sorts for a couple months.

This hasn't been particularly fun. Especially as I think about my cute red pants that I only owned for a month before finding out I was pregnant. And my comfy t-shirts that I've stashed away because thinking about my protruding belly doesn't feel all that comfy.

What I've learned the most in this is that a small wardrobe that includes only those items that are comfortable and fit, can actually be incredibly freeing. By narrowing out those pieces that don't fit and those pieces that I unintentionally pass over, I'm able to reach into my drawer (I only have one) and just pick something out and put it on.

There's no longer the unspoken obligation to create outfits out of pieces I never wear. There's no guilt for all those items I used to wear but just can't get over my hips or are too tight over my stomach at this time. And not too much desire to expand this wardrobe. Well, except a good pair of jeans that fit would be nice, and some tees that aren't my husband's. But other than that, in this transitional phase, what I have is enough.

It keeps me warm and covered. Most of the items look good on me or at least presentable for how I spend my days. And I am thankful for this simple, yet good enough fashion statement. That I can be grateful for the little I have and accept that maybe the time and money spent from forcing myself into a Pinterest-inspired fashionista is better spent in other areas.

Of course, if you are passionate about fashion and find joy in it, I believe you should continue. I'm actually happier without the pressure, because my indulgences are in other places. So, I leave you with this encouragement from Simplicity Versus: The Ebook:

Simple fashion doesn't mean a lack of ruffles, sparkles, or colors. It means knowing what you like and wearing it.

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