Printable Dry-Erase Menu

Today, I'm sharing a printable with you from Simplifying Home: The Workbook. This is a simple blank menu to write your family's meal plan for the week. I've shared before, and cover in the book and work book, how we keep meals simple and use theme nights to simplify meal-planning.

I like posting our menu where we can all see it. It keeps us on the same page and helps answer "what's for dinner," as long as we plan ahead. I've seen some fun chalkboard menus I love. But I have an issue with writing with chalk... I just can't do it without cringing.

So, I decided to stay in my element and go with a paper version. To make it reusable, I laminated it (you could frame it too, and write on the glass). I got self-laminating sheets in the office section of Target. (They'd likely have them at Wal-mart or any office supply store.) Once it's covered, I trimmed off the excess laminating around the edges, and used magnets to stick it on the fridge.

Then I got a pack of small dry-erase markers with magnetic lids and erasers on the top. I keep the black one next to the menu, because I'm boring like that. The kids use the other colors in their dry-erase books. And just like that, we have a sleek and simple menu to reference instead of leaving the fridge open hoping for inspiration.

Click here >> to download your simple blank menu.