Importance of a Bed in a New Home

Importance of Bed in a New Home #simplicityvs

A couple months ago we moved from a 2-bedroom apartment into a 3-bedroom townhome. Moving day was the same day Baby 3 and I came home from the hospital. We weren't positive how that would all play out, so throughout our packing and preparing I reminded Daniel, "I don't care if everything else is a wreck, I just want our bed set-up when I get home from the hospital."

That was my one simple request. Whether I came home from the hospital in our old apartment or our new townhome, I just needed one small space... a place to rest, a place of peace in the chaos, a space to welcome us home.

There's a number of reasons the bed came to mind as the space I needed put together. A simple made bed can nearly make the whole room look put together. Our comforter that we've had for years is familiar even in a new space. And I just knew I needed some rest to get through these crazy life changes.

He remembered. When my husband brought us home from the hospital, unpacked tubs stacked in various corners of our new home, I was so relieved to find our bed welcoming us home. A place to rest while baby rested, a place to cuddle with the older kids, and a place to find comfort in a season of chaos. It doesn't take much to create an element of home. It can even be as simple as a bed.