What is Pausing on Purpose?

Making Space for Rest // #pausingonpurpose

Pausing on Purpose has become an important piece in the simplifying puzzle for me.

I first started "pausing on purpose" this summer. I found myself tired to the core--a lot. I was in my third trimester and had lots of doctors appointments. My daughter was home from kindergarten and frequently bored. I found out I was anemic on top of normal pregnancy exhaustion. Our home was messy in ways it never had been before. We had an upcoming move that overlapped my due date.

I felt overwhelmed and paralyzed.

I had seen God lead me through similar situations, so I knew He'd lead again. I also knew the pauses in between were essential.

That's when it clicked. I needed space for a pause. But this busy season of moving and baby and so much more wouldn't naturally allow for it. So, I needed to be purposeful and make it happen. Space for the transitions in seasons, the breaks in between.

My kindergartener's summer vacation. Our family growing with a third baby.

What did I need in this season of pause? What was He wanting to give me? How would He have me grow in this time?

I simply needed: Rest. An opportunity to be still and know that He is God.

Permission to let things slide. Change of focus. Enjoying the moment. Ideas for slowing down and experiencing the world around me. Maybe a simplified To Do list to give me direction for my time so I didn't slip into default time wasters. Perhaps an "intention" or something to pray for or a clarity to aim for at the end. And grace. Lots of grace.

More to come in the next couple Sabbaths for "Pausing on Purpose."