Simplicity Versus: for when simplifying isn't easy or natural

You might be wondering what's with the Simplicity Versus ebook title. In case you didn't catch the abbreviation in the hashtag, "vs" is said "versus." The last part is for you to fill in.

I already covered yesterday, this book is meant for reluctant simplifiers. And if I know anything from my own experience as a reluctant simplifier, it's that we have excuses. Boy, do we have excuses! We have excuses for why we can't start, excuses for why we should keep unnecessary things, and excuses for why we give up.

I wanted to mention "simple" in the title, but I needed an element of beginning where we are--excuses and all. I also needed a bit of anti-minimalism, because us reluctant simplifiers don't really identify with extreme labels like "minimalist."

And that's where the title comes in...
Simplicity versus our excuses.
Simplicity vs. the things we want to hang on to.
Simplicity vs. feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or defeated.
Simplicity vs. extreme titles like minimalist or hoarder.
Simplicity vs. ______________ (fill in your simplifying challenge).

For when simplifying is not easy or natural.

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