Are you a reluctant simplifier?

You might be wondering if you would benefit from reading the ebook Simplifying Home. Today I'm sharing a little more about who it's for so you can decide for yourself.

Simplifying Home is for Reluctant Simplifiers. What is a reluctant simplifier?
  • Someone who has acknowledged they "should" simplify, but is intimidated by the process.
  • Someone who hasn't really found motivation for simplifying.
  • Someone who is hesitant to acknowledge a need for simplicity.
  • Someone who needs an easy solution or they're out.

Simplifying Home is specifically for you if...
  • You feel overwhelmed before you start or scared about what you might have to give up.
  • Minimalism is not your end goal.
  • You're tight on finances, time, energy, or all three; not necessarily from a lack of resources, but from a distracted focus.
  • You're going lots of directions at once.
  • Your distracted focus shows in an unhealthy lifestyle, too many projects going on at work and home, or an overall discontent or unfulfilled feeling.
  • You long for relief from stress, a break from "all the things," and you don't want to have to waste precious energy to get it.
  • You need support from someone who understands.
  • You want to go at your own pace.
  • You want a better life without black and white terms like "minimalism."

You might also be interested in the ebook + workbook if...
  • You have a storage space you need to address, but you're scared to do so.
  • You have tried simplifying before and "failed" in some way or gave up before getting far.
  • You are overwhelmed and feel far from a simple life, but long for it.
  • You want to simplify but don't know where to start.
  • You have started simplifying, and need encouragement, next steps, resources, or support.
  • You have a family member or close friend who you'd like to help in the process.
  • You're getting ready for seasonal cleaning, and would like some help in the right direction.