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It seems we're all on a journey to get our lives together. It's why we get distracted with "helpful" articles on Facebook; it's why we pin all the "helpful" tips on Pinterest; and it's why we have endless goals and to-do lists to "help" us get to where we want to be--at peace and content with our lives.

Ready for the secret to getting your life together? It's simple...

Getting your life together starts in the home.

I know, that's a little anti-climatic. But it's true. A better work life, a healthier body, a soul at peace--it all starts right here at home. Or, for you it's right there in your home.

And that's just the premise behind the resources I'm putting together for you. Remember my 8-week blog series Simplifying Home? It included an 8-week checklist going through every area of the home to make it more simple, making our lives more intentional and content along the way.

Well, I'm expounding on that. Putting together encouraging words for when simplifying is not easy or natural. Not just for a more organized home, but for a more put-together and at-peace life. Which is what we all really want anyway, right?

Throughout October, we're counting down to it's release with 5-minutes-a-day of pinnable quotes from the ebook, printable pages, and more! In the meantime, make sure you're signed up for the email list (below), and spread the word or join the conversation with #simplifyinghome. All are welcome.

I can't wait to share this with you!

31 Days to Simplifying Home ebook

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Book + Workbook FAQ //
Who is this ebook / workbook for?
What's with the title?
What is Simplifying Home about?
Who am I and what do I know about simple-living?
What other simple-living books do I recommend and how is Simplifying Home different?
What's in it for you?
What are people saying?
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Pausing on Purpose //
Making Space for Rest
A Definition for Living
Smash Fear + Stress
Enjoy Life

Our New Home //
Importance of a Bed
Handmade Living Room Tables
Behind-the-Scenes + Where I Write
New Home, New Task List

Printable Pages // 
Dry-Erase Menu
Worksheet to Find Your Simple
What's Working + Improvements Blank Lists
Blank Home Wish List

Simplicity vs The Challenges //
Simple Fashion
Simple Celebrations
Simple Progress
Simple Gifts

Pinnable Quotes //
Let's choose full lives over pristine homes.
Everything in our homes helps or hinders the life we want.
Find someone that will high five you for giving something away.
Simple moments matter.


Update: Simplifying Home is now available >> here.


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