Simple Gifts

Simplifying Gifts

It's getting close to that time that everyone starts thinking about gift-giving and what to buy other's for the holidays, or what to say we want if asked. This season gets even more complicated with loved ones birthdays around the holidays (eh hem, two of our kiddos). Gifts are still relevant, even for those trying to live more simply. Here are a couple simple things to keep in mind about gifts.

1. Be in tune.
We could all be a little more transparent about what we want and need and make this gift-giving thing a little easier. When buying for others, listen to what they talk about, or look at their Pinterest boards if they have them. There's likely something they've got their eye on and haven't even thought to ask for it. If you know people will be buying for you, speak up or make a board of the smaller items on your wish-, want-, need-, or use-frequently lists.

2. Think outside of the brand-new box.
Whatever can be experienced, used up, read, homemade, secondhand, fair trade, or raise funds for a good cause—even better. There are plenty of nice gifts to be found in these categories, and don't be afraid to suggest them to others if they ask.

3. Give, receive, and detach.
There is a good possibility that gifts will lose their appeal, become outdated, or no longer fit with the receiver's wants or needs. Don't put guilt on anyone to forever keep a gift. And remove that guilt from yourself if a gift you received is no longer wanted, needed, or loved.


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