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It should be obvious Simplicity Versus is not the first home and simple-living book, and it certainly won't be the last. I've actually read quite a few that I definitely recommend. This is just the beginning:
And that's barely a sampling of what's available.

So, why did I feel the need to add my two cents to this list of experienced and inspirational writers?

Because Simplicity Versus offers something a little different from other books I've read on simplifying. This book is less how-to or professional opinion and more focused on starting where you are, addressing the challenges from someone who's going through them too, and support on follow-through with printable resources in an accompanying workbook.

It's less about systems, more about simple. Less about how-to and nice theories, more about taking the first steps and getting started. Less about perfect, more about finding good enough. Less about reaching minimalism, more about enjoying the simplifying process, because life is a never-ending process. Less about idealizing some "better" point in the future, more about embracing now and enjoying the good before it's gone. More about experiencing our present in all its unsimple glory.