What do I know?

trina cress // simple-living writer

This is one of my most awkward posts to write. But we're now 10 days into this countdown to the release of Simplicity Versus and Simplifying Home, and I figured you might be wondering who I am and what I know about simplifying. Hopefully this post answers some of those questions.

My name is Trina and simple is important to me. So much so a stranger was able to point it out in my handwriting. I've done a variety of home challenges over the last few years including Apartment Therapy's 8-Week Home Cure, their shortened 20/20 Cure, my own Project Eliminate, and most recently Simplifying Home.

Through this, I have learned simplifying is more a process and less a destination, and there is plenty of joy and peace to be found along the way.

I'm a work-in-progress excited to celebrate growth while content to enjoy the here-and-now. I cringe when people call me a minimalist, because we filled an entire moving truck during our move a couple months ago. While there's still a little lightening I plan to do, this is about as minimal as we'll get in this season of our lives and it's good enough.

I'm a mom to three kids: Brylee (6), Ian (3), and Oliver (2 mos.). They bring me so much joy, and they also stress me out. I know I'll miss these short years of them being young, so I try my best to pause on purpose and embrace this fleeting chaotic time.

I'm married to my college sweetheart, Daniel. We used to do creative at-home date nights, but lately not so much. He is the fun to my checklists and the distraction from my structure. I appreciate him so.

My goal as a writer is to provide clear information and practical ideas on faith, home, and life. I want to spread a simplifying message pairing words and theories with action and guidance. Going beyond the how-to and providing encouragement for the slow process. I aim to avoid putting one more unnecessary task on a checklist. Although, I do love a good checklist.

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