Simplicity is a Process

So far I've mentioned only a little of what Simplicity Versus and Simplifying Home are all about. Here's a little more of a summary and my goal with offering this ebook and workbook combo.

Simplifying does not come easy or natural to everyone. We are overspent and overwhelmed without time or even the desire to simplify. There seems to be too many requirements or rules to be "minimalist" so we give up.

We continue to consume and store things we don't want or need. Complacency bleeds into other areas of our lives making our diets, work, relationships, and faith suffer. We focus on things instead of people, get jealous and discontent easily, and feel exhausted from chasing after the wind.

My goal is that we learn to start small and embrace the process. That the available resources and guiding questions in the ebook and workbook will give us freedom to go at our own pace. That we will be encouraged to focus on the goal of purpose and contentment simply in this moment, and take steps to reach it one small way each day. That we will face the challenges of simplifying equipped and ready, and discover peace in the unsimple now. Because simplicity is more a process and less a destination.

There is joy on the road to simple, and my goal is to help us experience it.

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