Friday Update | Living Simply in November

an update on living simply where we are

Here are some things I've been wearing, reading, buying, ditching, and creating this month. Be sure to check out #5 and sign-up below to receive it free ;)

1 | WEARING...

Jeggings. Several years ago I made fun of these As Seen On TV "pajama jeans." Now, I'm practically living in the No nonsense brand I got from Wal-mart last month. They're super thick, fit inside my boots, have real pockets, and mold to my ever-changing postpartum body. Maybe I'll regret this fashion trend when I look back on it in a few years. For now, I'm just thankful to afford something warm that fits.

Warby Parker. Still loving my Sims frames in striped sassafras. My main man is choosing his pair, and I'm feeling the itch to try a new frame :)

Leg Warmers. Another fashion trend I quietly swore I'd never return to, but am loving. I hate socks, even in winter and instead use wool inserts in the bottom of my boots. Leg warmers don't bother my toes, keep me surprisingly warm, and add a cute accent peeking out of the top of my boots.

2 | READING...

Love Skip Jump by Shelene Bryan. My first post on this blog was titled "Journey to Yes." And this book about "living the adventure of yes" really brings it all around full circle for me. This book is about loving God and others, skipping a luxury (a.k.a. living simply) on behalf of someone else, and jumping in to a life with/for God and His Kingdom. That's a way of living I'm on board with!

Authentic Hospitality by Alysa Passage. So perfect for the holiday season. Alysa is a fellowship genius and really helps bring us back to the heart of hosting with lots of practical ideas to maneuver around the kitchen with ease.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This is a second read-through for me. A small group of us is reading a chapter each week for Sabbath School. We take turns reading, then stop and discuss whenever we feel so moved. This feels like a step forward after my "Quitting Church" post.

Simplicity vs. by Yours Truly. I know, a little strange that I'd read my own book. I'm actually currently in the middle of the workbook and improving our home post-move and pre-holidays. Slow progress built on the work I've done in our home before is really bringing it all together.

Do Nice. Be Kind. Spread Happy. by Bernadette Russell. This is one we're reading with the kids a little each evening. November is kindness month and this book is full of fun ideas for "ninja niceness." I also bought several other awesome books that I can't wait to give the kids for their birthdays and Christmas! (All within 2 weeks of each other :)

3 | BUYING...

IKEA home goods. It's one of my favorite sources for home ideas with lots of affordable items to satisfy my wish list. We visited one that opened near our friends a couple hours away, and I was thrilled to make a post-birthday stop last weekend. Yellow pillow covers for our living room, a soap dispenser for the kitchen, outdoor welcome mats for the front and back doors, woven cubes for our bookshelf, and a table desk to start creating a little artist nook in Brylee's room. All of it, of course, was first written on the Simplicity vs. Home Wish List to be sure I needed it ;)

Jamberry nail wraps. They're super cute, look neater than my sloppy nail polish, and last longer too. They take a little longer to apply, but not unreasonable. And I can stop in the middle if I need to attend to a crying baby, which I simply can't do with nail polish. I am pleased.


Complicated Cooking. I've never been much of a cook, but I was definitely more into it when I had only one child and nothin' but time. (I also used to clean a little deeper each week back in those days.) Lately, I'm sticking with a simple weekly meal-plan and I feel we're all better for it.

Over-Blogging. Waking up with baby every couple hours at night and limited writing time means I'm transitioning back into less posting. You can count on a minimum of end-of-the-month updates on the blog (last Friday of the month), monthly e-mails (first Wednesday of the month, sign-up below), and updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter throughout the week (follow at bottom of post). Plus another product coming your way in December; keep reading for more info.


Epic Beginner + 2015 Calendar Pack. Most of us are beginners in something we care about. Not just average beginners—epic beginners. Because we sort of learn to own it. To get good at it. The trying and starting. The failing and good-enough succeeding. The eternal process of it all.

And I hope it never changes.

Through this process of embracing epic beginnings we learn so much... we are humbled... we are free to experience more and try new things... and we even enjoy more success when our beginnings are epic.

I'm making a guided journal and 2015 calendar pack for all of us epic beginners. To help us:
» get past our excuses and fears,
» just start already,
» overcome our challenges,
» fail with grace,
» acknowledge our successes, and
» find rest.

Update: Find Epic Beginner >> here.