30 of My Top Posts

30 Top Blog Posts | 8 years of BeginnerBeans.com

This little blog has been online for almost 8 years. (I started it in December 2008, in case you were wondering.) During that time, I've shared over 850 blog posts, gotten over a million pageviews, and even made a few friends and dollars along the way.

To celebrate, here's a little collection of 30 of my top or most noteworthy posts.

Reader Favs / My Fav Posts...

These are the posts that are read and liked and shared by the people I consider "my" readers. These are the posts that I feel are closer to my style of writing and my purpose for writing. Although these posts are not usually found on Google or Pinterest, the people who read and respond and return for these types of posts are "my tribe."

If You Feel Like Quitting Church
Our Wedding Story, Shame-Free
Motherhood Ebenezer
5 Ways to Be Filled
Courageous at Home
Everything We Do
Slow Reader to Book Lover
Success is What You Do While Everyone Else is Distracted

Most Searched Posts...

These are my top SEO posts. That means that they have the most views (and still growing), mainly because people search these topics online and land on my blog. The people that read and share these posts are likely not my return readers, mainly because these are not topics I continue writing about.

Envelope System
Baby Dedication Ideas
Should Christians Do Yoga
Date Night Questions
Advent Calendar Ideas
How to Make a Watermark
Tea Tree Deodorant
Warby Parker Home Try-On

Most Pinned Posts...

The above most-searched posts are also in this list of most pinned. These are the posts that may not be found through Google, but I see Pinned again and again on Pinterest. Whoever lands on these posts, again, are usually not my return readers.

No 'Poo with Curly Hair
Brown Bag Date Night
Minimalist Packing Tips
Pintuck Duvet Cover
Holiday Cards with PicMonkey 1 | and 2
Birth Announcements with PicMonkey

Series Posts...

There are times I've had too many ideas on a topic to let it simply exist in one post. These are my series posts. A few of them were a part of the 31-day series linkup in October. Others were part of my yearly spring or fall simplifying. And one year I did 12 monthly resolutions (it's still one of my favorite and most memorable years).

Letting Your Little Light Shine
Lessons from an Epic Beginner
Celebrating Three-oh
Countdown to Simplifying Home Ebook
Simplifying Home: an 8-Week Challenge

And that's just a sampling! What a time of blogging it's been! Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Here's to more blogging to come...


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