30-Piece Yearround Wardrobe

30-Piece Wardrobe Basics for a Minimal All-Season Capsule

This is my 30-piece year-round minimal wardrobe--my full wardrobe ends up being 40+ pieces after having multiple options for some items. If I have at least these things in rotation, I likely have plenty to wear, and yet not too much to feel overly stuck with too many options. This includes shoes, but does not include workout or lounge wear. Although some of these pieces double as my workout and lounge wear.


1. Jeans

I usually aim to have two pairs of jeans in rotation--it's my daily go-to since I don't work in an office. Lately, I've been sticking with skinny jeans. I usually find whatever style I like, then have one good dark pair that can look more dressy, and one lighter or fun pair that might have little details in the wash or holes, etc.

2. Black Pants

If I worked in an office, these would probably need to be a nicer material and I'd have a couple to rotate. Since I spend my days at home, my black pants are more of a skinny jean and I only have one pair. They work well with tees, or can be dressed up a little with a blouse and cute shoe.

3. Color Pants

For a while I had red pants that were fun, but I eventually embraced red isn't my preferred color. So, now I'm on the hunt for a mint or olive green. Again, if I worked in an office, I'd look for a nicer material. Since I stay home, I'm looking more for a jean or khaki type pant.

5. Yoga Pants / Leggings

I try to keep at least 2 pairs of full-length black yoga pants or thick leggings in rotation. They work well for gym days, but can also be worn under a tunic or short dress in cooler weather, and are a good lounge option for evenings at home. I love some of the patterned ones, but have been sticking with plain black so I can get more use out of them.

6. Jean Shorts

It gets hot around here and I spend my days "at home" which also means taking the kids to the park or running errands, so shorts for the summer are essential. If I worked in an office, I might swap out one of these pairs of shorts for another pant option.

7. Black Shorts

Black shorts can be dressed up a bit with a blouse and cute shoe.

8. Color Shorts

I've had a cool grey as an option, and currently have a pair of olive green. I've also seen some light blue or even bolder colors that would work well. The color adds some variety and gives a good option to spice up any neutral or plain tops--which I have a lot of.


9. Tank Tees

I usually aim to have 3 tee-type tanks. I've been loving the racer-back style, but also have some basic crew or boat neck. Tanks can be paired with an open button-up or a sweater for cooler weather, or they can be worn with accessories and either pants or shorts. These can also become my lounge or active wear.

10. Short Sleeve Tees

I try to keep 3 nice tees in my wardrobe. I try to have a mix of solid grey, white, and a stripe. Like the tanks, these can be worn under a button-up or sweater, or by themselves with accessories. If I worked in an office, these might be less necessary, but they're part of my current go-to wardrobe.

11. Long Sleeve Tees

It gets really cold here, so having a couple long sleeve tees in rotation is essential. Sometimes I end up layering these up under a sweater, or they can be worn by themselves with a scarf or other accessory. I usually end up getting one plain white or black long sleeve, then one or two others with buttons or stripes or a pocket.

12. Chambre

Alternatively this could be replaced with a plain white button-up. This can be worn buttoned up with pants and accessories, worn open over a tee or tank, worn as a layer over a dress or even tied up.

13. Plaid/Flannel

This has been in style for years, but has been pretty popular lately. The same as a chambre, it can be worn buttoned-up, unbuttoned over a tea or tank, or tied over a dress or skirt.

14. Tank Blouses

These are different than the tee tanks because they're a nicer material and usually a dressier look. When I was home with babies, I only had one or two go-to blouse-type shirts for the occasional opportunity to dress-up. As my kids get older, I've been trying to reach for nicer shirts that are still comfy and keep at least 3 tank options on hand. Tanks can be worn by themselves during the hot months, or paired with a sweater during cooler months.

15. Short Sleeve Blouses

I also keep at least 3 go-to short sleeve blouses in rotation. I make sure these are comfy so I get good use out of them even if I'm spending the day at home. I try to keep in mind that they go with pants and shorts, and that they can be worn by themselves or under a sweater.

16. Long Sleeve Blouses

These give me an easy option to look nice without the extra thought of layering. I like options that have faux layers sewn in or a cute patterned button-up blouse.


17. Little Black Dress (LBD)

The Little Black Dress is a staple for any wardrobe. I try to make sure I find one that can be worn with sandals, heels, or boots. As well as paired with a sweater or fancy jewelry or even under a cardigan. This is my go-to dress for all occasions.

18. Maxi Dress/Skirt

The maxi dress or skirt can be a comfy, dressy option for the average day. Or it can even be an easy option for church or a night out. My favorite is a versatile option that can be worn as a dress or a skirt, but I lost mine this summer.

19. Shift Dress

These can be worn with sandals, flats, or boots. They can be worn as-is or with a belt or sweater.

Over Layers

20. Neutral Cardi

Something to turn those tanks, tees, and blouses into a more complete outfit for cooler weather.

21. Bulky Sweater

A cute, warm option for our cold weather months.

22. Pullover Sweater/Sweatshirt

I recently got a cute grey sweatshirt with a white floral print on it. It's comfy but still cute. Can be warn over a tee or tank, accessorized, or even paired with one of the collared shirts.


23. Sandals

These are my go-to if the weather is remotely warm enough. I like getting them with secure straps so they're easy to walk in (no flip flops), and some kind of gold or fun detail to look nice even with a dress or blouse.

24. Flats

These become a go-to when I'm trying to dress nice during the cooler fall or spring months. I used to have a black pair, then replaced them with a shiny nude.

25. Wedge Sandals

These are a good option for dresses and dressing up jeans.

26. Heels

I don't wear heels often, but I have a nice pair of shiny nude cork wedges that I keep for special or fancy occasions. Or if I just feel like wearing heels because I can.

27. Tennies

I used to always have a pair of good running shoes, but I'm not a runner anymore. So I go for something a little more casual and fun. My current pick are retro-style Nike with mustard and mint colors. Comfy and cute.

28. Riding Boots

This is my one splurge in my entire wardrobe. I spent too much on these boots, but they've lasted me 4 years and still have plenty of wear in them. Plus, they're a timeless style. They become my staple during our long, cold winter months. Cute with jeans, leggings, and dresses.

29. Rain Boots

I needed a better winter boot for when it snows, since my riding boots aren't exactly great snow boots. I decided to get rain boots that I can wear when it's warmer out, or I can layer up with socks and leggings and wear when it's cold and snowy.

30. Ankle Boots

These are my cool weather option for dresses and dressing up jeans.

What are your 30 wardrobe essentials?


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