Growing Simply with Purpose Where You Are

Growing Simply with Purpose Where You Are

Today's post is from Krystle of Where the Green Things Grow. I'm introducing you to some of my online favorites while I take a bit of a maternity leave. Krystle's focus on green, simple, natural resonates with me and the photos she shares are a refreshing inspiration. Enjoy!

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” ― Martin Luther
Life doesn't begin once we reach a desired destination or achieve all our goals. Life is about journey and growth, learning contentment and flourishing wherever planted. It is about germinating internally as well as externally; developing roots. Our roots, however, should not be so deep where we are presently that we can't be transplanted and learn to thrive elsewhere.

feeding growth

All growth starts with proper nourishment (Psalm 34:8). It is possible to develop and produce fruit without continuous exposure to optimal nutrients. That fruit may even look good on the exterior, but it will taste terrible. So will our lives be if we do not enrich and feed it with inspiration.

I'm sure I am not the only one who has ever bought into a delicious-looking tomato or peach at the grocery store only to become disappointed once it is brought home and tasted. People, like fruit, need the right components to cultivate full and beautiful lives. We don't need things to be perfect to be happy and fulfilled, we just need to be sustained by the living Word.

my journey

I haven't often taken the traditional route. I would much rather be in the garden with dirt under my nails than soaking at a spa. I've never owned a television, and I'd prefer an intentional tiny home over a mansion. My husband and I have chosen a simple life, and have had some crazy adventures living in our debt-free fixer and raising two little girls. I've learned over these years that less is more, and that the important things already surround me.

My experiences have brought me to a place of continual letting go and simplifying. Releasing my grasp on some of those things that consume rather than produce growth, to then enable myself to embrace the things that are worth holding on to. Yet, somehow, it is easy to become absorbed in a season of life. While raising little ones, trying to develop a home-based business, and working endlessly on our goal of achieving our own homestead, I can tend to focus too much on the light at the end and miss all the beautiful growth in this current phase. My garden is a continual reminder to me of allowing myself to live presently while planting seeds for tomorrow.

Feed the areas in your life that you want to grow, and learn contentment in each season. Get inspired and hungry for the good stuff.


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