Friday Update | Living Simply in October

Awesome October Happenings //

It's not often I get to the end of a month and think this, but October was awesome! Perhaps a bit of a whirlwind. But definitely one for the books. Or at least for this monthly wrap-up blog post ;)  Here's a little bit of the happenings, lessons, and what's to come.

1. The Simple Blog Series

Today wraps up 31 days of writing about simple-living and counting down to the release of Simplicity Versus: The Ebook and Simplifying Home: The workbook all about simplifying home and life. This month I shared free printables from the workbook, pinnable quotes from the ebook, thoughts on living simply, and answers to anything you might want to know about the ebook and workbook.

Find links to my 31-day series posts >> here.

2. The Simple-Living Ebook + Workbook

I sent the Simplicity Versus: The Ebook and Simplifying Home: The Workbook to my e-mail subscribers at midnight this morning. Yay! If you subscribed before today, be sure and check your email. The PDFs in the email will be available for free download today only.

For everyone else, learn more and see inside the ebook and workbook >> here.

3. Simple Living + #Write31Days

This is my third October linking up with "The Nester" for her yearly 31-day series. I've saved quite a few series I'm hoping to check out now that I'm done writing my own. Browse the Simplicity category >> here. Here are a few shout-outs to fellow bloggers who wrote about simple-living in October:
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Note: some of these series are not completed. Writing and posting everyday for 31 days is a huge feat! But I feel even the posts completed are worth checking out. Enjoy!

4. In "Real" Life

I turned 28 this month, and, no joke, I thought I was turning 30, or maybe 29, or something other than 28. Not even sure what to think of that. Our big-girl Brylee is loving first grade. Our big-boy Ian is probably needing some time away from mommy in the form of a preschool or something. We're sticking with home-preschool for at least a little longer. And our little-guy Oliver is 3 months old and smiling so much--it just melts my heart! We're enjoying having our Northwest family in town for the season. And of course enjoying quality time with my sister's fam and parents who already live in town. Our home and my family need some TLC, so those are some biggies I'll be focusing on over the next couple months.

And now that my huge writing month is over, I will be spending some time reading, listening to inspiring things, and refueling. Top of the list is this Authentic Hospitality guide by my friend Alyssa of Kitchen Fellowship. Can't wait!

5. Coming Next

If you haven't signed up for my e-mail list, now is a good time to do so. Even if you missed getting Simplicity Versus and Simplifying Home for free, I have ideas for more freebies to come. The next one should be sent just in time for the New Year and an epic beginning for 2015!

For future freebies, and support in living simply where you are, sign-up here:

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