Simple Living Room Tour

simple living room

I've spent the last few years doing home simplifying projects once, sometimes twice, a year. Any photos I've shared have been pieces of the work in progress, but never a full tour. Because, well, it's always a work-in-progress.

This summer, we moved from our two-bedroom 1,000-square-foot apartment into a three-bedroom with-garage-and-porch-and-patio townhome. Facing a whole new work-in-progress makes me realize how complete and comforting and home-like our apartment was. And maybe it's worth showing you a little tour of what it was on some of it's best days.

Today I'm showing you the living room. Enjoy :)

living room with hanging guitars

green accent chairs in small living room

simple living room entertainment solution

IKEA shelf as sofa table

family living room

guitars in living room

small living room set-up

kid-friendly minimalist living room entertainment center

And a little sample of the mess that seemed to be ongoing as I simplified...

simplifying living room