Success is What You Do While Everyone Else is Distracted

Every moment in mindless anything is a moment lost from doing something that matters.

The title of this blog post is something I typed as a potential post in 2012. I felt then that I needed a tech-break to put effort into the things I really wanted to make happen in my life. The things I knew I didn't have time for as long as I was spending that time mindlessly staring at my computer, my phone, or the TV.

Four years later, and I'm finally ready to make a real effort to be a little less distracted. The main culprit: social media. So, I'm logging off for the month of July.

I've uninstalled the social media apps from my phone, I'm posting updates in "all the places" so people know not to rely on Facebook as a means to reach me, and I'll be logging off the computer and maybe even letting my husband change my passwords if I really don't have any self-control.

I have guesses of how it will go and what the results will be. I have hopes of tasks to complete and more productive ways to fill what currently ends up being scroll-time.

Whatever happens, I am sure that I am human and I can only do one thing at a time. Just as I can either look at the text on my phone or the road ahead of me, I can either scroll or be present, I can read up on simplifying or do the actual decluttering, I can dream about writing a book or I can actually write a book.

You get the idea. I am easily distracted with that one focus I have, and every moment in mindless anything is a moment lost from doing something that matters. Something of value.

Whether that's spending time with my family, growing friendships, doing work that matters, exercising and making healthier choices, or any number of valuable worthwhile habits.

I can only do one thing at a time, and I want that one thing to less often be mindless scrolling.

So I'm logging off for the month of July to experiment with being a little less distracted. And, sure, success is relative, but guaranteed I'm not going to find the success I want while I'm perpetually distracted by what's on my phone.

I guess we'll see.


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