30 Gift Ideas for Thirty and Beyond

30 Gift Ideas for Any Age Woman (aka, my 30th birthday wish list)

Okay, fine, in full disclosure, this is my wish list for my 30th birthday. My husband's been asking, so I compiled my list into this post just in case you need some gift ideas for someone in your own life. I used the categories from the chapter on Simple Gifts in my Simplifying Home ebook: reusable, consumable, hobby, frequently used, luxury, want, need, reading material, experience, charitable.

Hopefully you can personalize these ideas for whoever you're shopping for. Or maybe add some to your own wish list ;)

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1. Graphic Tees

Tees aren't what they used to be. I've been eyeing some that are super soft, have a flattering cut, and even have a stylish, meaningful, or fun design. Plus, tees are just my style and I have a while longer left as stay-at-home-mom and I'd rather lounge around or sleep in a cute tee rather than a frumpy, wornout one and there's a style/design that could fit any age or personality. I especially want a floral/striped raglan, a graphic tee with script writing, and a Nebraska shirt.

All of that said, I like these from Etsy: Wake Pray Slay, Made in the 80s, Be Brave
Or this: Story Hope Tee
Or this from Amazon: 3/4 Sleeve Raglan

2. Stud Earrings

I tend to buy cute statement earrings then never wear them. What I really need are some basic tiny studs which also make a sweet and simple gift. I'm especially loving gold metals, tiny diamonds, and geometric shapes. I like what I've seen at Francessca's, Charming Charlies, and Target.

Options from Amazon: Gold Geometric Set, 2mm Diamond Studs, Rose Gold Square Studs, Rose Gold Dot Studs

3. Fancy Planner

This is a bit of a splurge that I couldn't justify spending myself--at least not now. But I've been eyeing the Day Designer and the Simplified Planner for a few years, so someday it's gonna happen. And why not this deep into adulthood?

4. Power Sheets

These goal-planning sheets are right up my alley. I just haven't justified buying them myself, yet. Perfect gift for women that like to plan or are deciding to make something happen.

5. Books

I read a lot of books through the library. Still, there's always a list of books that are brand new or our library still doesn't have or that have beautiful pictures that would be fun to own. They also make a great re-gift; I'd happily read a used book if it's something on my to-read list or that someone knows I'd like! I'm currently wanting Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.

6. Magazine Subscription

I already have a subscription to my trusty Real Simple, but I'd love a subscription to Life: Beautiful--it's a beautiful, inspiring magazine for women of faith at any age.

7. Clothes

In addition to tees that anyone could buy without needing to know someone too well, there are always clothes items on my want/need list that I'd only suggest to my husband or might use a Target, Marshall's, or TJ Maxx gift card on. I'm currently wanting wedge ankle boots, a black cardigan, and olive green pants. Maybe give a gift card with a note that you want to go shopping with the person or with encouragement to get that daring item they've been eyeing.

8. Non-Mom Purse

My kids are getting older... it's about that time I have a good go-to non-mom purse. Brown or camel leather, crossbody, small-ish but could still hold a small planner or notebook. I love Fossil's Emma NS Crossbody for a splurge or Target's Merona Crossbody for a more affordable option.

9. Art Print

Art prints are a fun and even meaningful addition to any room in the home. We have some blank walls that I'd love to add one of these to. Some of my favs are from Amen Paper Company: Ecclesiastes 3:1, James 1:2, Ephesians 3:20, Bless the Lord. But I've seen others I love on Etsy or even in places like Hobby Lobby. Frame not necessary, although a nice decent-sized frame is always a nice gift, too.

10. Plants

It's been a few years since we first bought our air-cleansing houseplants. A couple suffered neglect and are no longer with us. I need a couple replacements, and I'd love some smaller pots of succulents. A cute pot big enough for a houseplant would make a great gift by itself.

11. Woodwick Candle

Consumables like candles are great gifts for minimalists or even people you don't know super well. I love the crackle of woodwick candles, especially in the colder months. I've sometimes found them cheaper at places like Homegoods or TJMaxx.  I don't normally buy them for myself, so they'd make a great gift.

12. Argan Oil

Okay, this is kind of a specialized gift. There's likely lots of people that don't know or care about oils in general, let alone argan oil. We use various oils with our essential oils, and I also like using oils for moisturizing or even facial cleansing. Argan oil is supposed to be great for the face, but it's also a little pricey which would make it a very nice gift--for someone that cares, of course.

13. Phone Case

I'm not sure I'd buy an electronic's case for anyone but my husband--it's often a go-to gift over the years, especially as we've updated phones, tablets, cameras, laptops. While I wait to update my whole phone, I could use an upgrade to my phone case. My husband gifted me a bamboo case (against his better judgment) that I loved. Of course, he was right and it broke, so maybe this time I need something cute and practical--like he suggested.

14. Notebooks, Journals, and Pens

When looking to get someone a gift, a good simple option is gifting something they use, go-through, or wear-out often. That might be something like golf balls for a golfer or running gear for a runner or recipe cards for a cook. For me, a writer, that's notebooks, journals, and pens. I'm a little bit picky and prefer spiral-bound notebooks and journals, and I buy Pilot G2 ink refills for the pens I use all the time.

15. Starbucks Gift Cards

This is a no-brainer and can be translated to whatever fancy drink or treat place the receiver prefers.

16. Stainless Steel Tumblers

A stainless steel cup is actually something my husband bought me a few years ago. Mine's a copper straw cup from Starbucks that I use for water. I've loved it and it's held up to daily use and lots of dropping. My husband recently got a Yeti-alternative from Walmart that keeps drinks super cold or super hot for hours. They're so durable, stylish, and practical.

17. Charitable Donation

Giving a donation as a gift is something to only do for someone you know will appreciate it. Be warned: People with the love language of gift-giving especially may not like this option. I, however, would be happy to know someone made a donation to a charity or sponsored a child instead of buying me a gift. Just let me know so I can have the satisfaction of knowing my birthday spurred sharing the love.

18. Massage

This should probably be a gift certificate, unless you're giving it to your spouse.

19. Manicure / Pedicure

A manicure and/or pedicure is a perfect pampering for a gift. Give it as a gift certificate or schedule with the person when you could take them out.

20. Day Off

A day off to do my own thing would be a luxurious gift. That would probably include grabbing coffee with a friend, some time to write or shop alone, and of course a treat or dance party with my husband and kids.

21. An Adult Class

It's hard to call anything "adult" without it sounding dirty. Just because we're not kids doesn't mean the classes have to stop. And classes actually get to be more fun now. I've taken some online classes from The Influence Network and a month membership would make a thoughtful gift if you know the person cares. I'd also love if my husband signed us up for a dancing class, or if we got a group of friends together to take a cooking, panting, or dancing class.

22. Professional Photo Session

We're not big on scheduling yearly professional photo shoots for our family. However, every now and then I'd love to get some nicer family photos. And a gift certificate for this would be super thoughtful and a gift we'd seriously keep a lifetime.

23. Cleaning Service

It's worth suggesting. One day I plan to schedule and pay for my own cleaning service. Until then, I keep saying I'm going to gift it every now and then to others. What a fun surprise to get some free help deep cleaning your home or get to take the month off from cleaning? That's a true adult gift.

24. Scarf, Bag, Accessory, or Tee for a Cause

This is similar to giving a charitable donation, except it's a gift you can actually give to the birthday girl while the money from the purchase helps others in need. A couple places to look for such a gift include Live Fashionable, Glory Haus, and Better Life Bags. So many great gifts!

25. Essential Oils

If you know someone that's interested in trying essential oils, you could get them a couple starter oils and/or a diffuser. Or for someone that uses them already, you could get them an oil they've been wanting to try or one they use up often. Oils currently on my want/need list are grapefruit, lemon, lavenderbergamot, sweet orangeylang ylang, digestive blend, and anxiety ease blend.

26. Home Retreat

Okay, so this is probably on very few people's actual wish lists. And what I want is a little pricey to be an average birthday gift. However, I've been wanting/needing new area rugs and a simple back patio set-up for what feels like years. So, it's on this list. The application for you? If you're wanting to really splurge on someone you love, find out what they need to create a little nook or retreat in their home or yard. Then make it happen. On a smaller scale, some twinkly string lights or a comfy, cute throw pillow might be a thoughtful gift.

27. Bath Bubbles / Salts

This is another consumable that makes a great gift. My sister gave me Dr. Teal's Lavendar Foaming Bath last year and I made an effort to actually slow down enough to take relaxing bubble baths. That simple gift gave me a year's worth of relaxation and enjoyment. Affordable and thoughtful. Keep them yummy smelling or calming.

28. Dark Chocolate

Even someone trying to lose weight or eat healthier or avoid sugar could still appreciate a small indulgent treat as a gift. Trader Joe's and Target both have dark chocolate bars with little sugar that are so delicious. Dark chocolate covered almonds are another yummy treat. And while they're not sweet, pepper pistachio nuts are so delicious and would make a nice gift for someone you know might like them.

29. Date Night

Coming from my husband, this might mean arranging a babysitter and taking me out. Coming from someone else, this could be a gift card to a restaurant or the movies, or an offer to babysit to give my husband and I a night out. With or without kids, it's nice to be encouraged to go out and do something with the one you love.

30. A Token of a Memory or a Handwritten Note

This might seem kind of lame to some, and may not fly for someone with a gift-giver love language. But just receiving a hand-written note (like the "I am wild, I am free, I am coyote" card from my husband when we were dating), or a memento of a memory with someone (like the gummy bears and tropical fruit Sobe my friend got me when I visited) can be a deeply meaningful and memorable gift without too much expense or effort.

That's my birthday wish list. I hope you got some new ideas to treat someone in your life. Or added something fun to your own wish list! You deserve it ;)

What's on your wish list?


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