30 Things I Need (that aren't things)

30 Things I Need (that aren't things)

This list has been in my mind for months. Not in its entirety, of course, but the idea of it and the forming of the list. These "things" I know I desperately need and are so fundamental to my survival and my living well. Yet, that I often forget. That I cover over with actual things like clothes or books or home goods. And if these things are missing, I try to fill their void with things like social media and tv and cookie dough.

I initially thought I'd list them and then expound on each one. But in listing them and looking over the list, I realize, listing them is enough. This is a good starting point to realizing my true needs and living in this place. Here they are, in no particular order. All I really need.

1. Love

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Hope

5. God

6. Salvation

7. Faith

8. Connection

9. Family

10. Friends

11. Community

12. Growth

13. Purpose

14. Identity

15. Truth

16. Outdoors

17. Fresh Air

18. Sunshine

19. Hydration

20. Movement

21. Nourishment

22. Shelter

23. Laughter

24. Tears

25. Dreams

26. Quiet

27. Prayer

28. Touch

29. Gratitude

30. Perspective

What's on your Things You Need (that aren't things) list? 

Yours might be different than mine. Or similar, but with different meanings and explanations behind the words. I think what surprised me most was the things that came to mind that I didn't list because I realized I didn't need them as much as these others.

Like cleanliness and simplicity and order. I feel like I need those, and I just might... after the 30 above. And, really, if I'm making space for and pursuing the things above, it's likely simplicity or order might result, or I'll find I can find peace and joy and live well even in the chaos.


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