30 Ways to Slow + Rest

30 Ways to Slow + Rest | daily breaks, weekly Sabbath, monthly fasts

Sabbath is my favorite. It's always been a part of my life. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Every Saturday since I can remember has been a chance to slow and rest. To stop the carousel of life and regain footing on solid ground.

We didn't normally watch TV, and still usually don't unless it's something like a nature documentary. We try to spend time outside, spend time with family and friends, and eat something delicious. It's also the one time each week we all nap, or at least go to our separate rooms and try to nap.

Sabbath morning is when we bake cinnamon rolls or muffins. It's the one day every week my brain actually shuts off from to-do lists. My planner and notebooks get closed, and the things that need to be done are set aside for after this rest-day, when I'm better prepared to handle it.

The deep sigh of relief that comes Friday evening is hard to describe. It's a longing fulfilled, a true gift to unwrap, and a blessing I couldn't imagine living without. The weight of the week lifts, as we light a candle, turn on soothing music, kick up our feet, and do nothing. Or read or talk or just be still in the calming fact that we are not in charge of making the world go round.

And perhaps that's what God always meant Sabbath to be. He created this world and set it spinning. Then he rested on the seventh day and gifted us right into our weekly routine an invitation to step off the carousel, and remember. Remember it's He that holds the weight of the world, not us. Certainly not me.

Thank you, Jesus.

So, I will continue to take these weekly Sabbath rests and teach my kids to rest, too. I'll even take what helps us rejuvenate on Sabbath to use for daily breaks to refresh each day and for the occasional fast each month.

Here are some ideas to try your own slowing and resting.

1. Flip through a magazine.

2. Walk around the neighborhood.

3. Listen to music. Something calming.

4. Get outdoors. Out of city limits.

5. Visit a new park. Or any park.

6. Watch the sunset. Or get up early to see the sunrise.

7. Read from a book. An actual, physical book.

8. Prop your feet up. Lay your head back. Relax.

9. Shut down your computer. All the way down.

10. Log off social media. Even on your phone.

11. Do something different. Mix up your normal routine.

12. Make a meal at home.

13. Play a game with the family or with friends.

14. Invite someone over.

15. Sip a hot drink.

16. Write in a journal.

17. Watch a nature documentary.

18. Take a bath.

19. Send snail mail.

20. Bake a treat.

21. Make a collage.

22. Play an instrument, or learn how to.

23. Listen to a podcast or a sermon.

24. Take a nap.

25. Take photos.

26. Light candles.

27. Stretch.

28. Meditate.

29. Go on a Sabbath drive. Through new neighborhoods or the countryside.

30. Sit on your porch.

There are hundreds of ways to slow and rest. They usually start with setting aside your usual daily routine and doing something different. Give it a try this week.

How do you like to slow and rest?


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