Journey to "Yes"

Beginner Beans: Journey to Yes
The concept of "Yes Man" inspired me before I even saw the movie. I'm not so much a "no"-sayer as I am a hider-behind-maybe. A weak "yes" is my automated response to invitations of nearly every kind, though I rarely intend to follow through. In my most energized state I hype about "we should do this exciting thing" or "how about we do that fun idea" but it's usually in future tense. It's rarely ever more than talk.

I want to change. But I'm still timid-me so my "I want to change" is no stronger than my weak "yes" to invitations. If I took the envied vow to say "yes" always, I couldn't admit that to anyone, not even myself, or my weakness would surely be found out and my bluff would turn me into a liar.

But I cannot so readily remove the desire. I still want to be a "Yes Woman" of sorts, and maybe half the battle is admitting that to someone. So, I'm admitting it to you, my invisible audience.

I'm going to say "yes" and you, Unknown, are my motivation. I will continue saying "yes" to the interests I already have and, hopefully, strengthening those passions. I love being Green and hope to expand it to more areas of my life. Organization is the essence of my brain structure, why not make it stronger? God is my Number One, and the most important "yes" of my every day. He's the only one that can truly ignite this journey into one of positive life-transformation.

I will say "yes" again to things already tried, giving the benefit of a second or even third or fourth chance. I want to surf again, and possibly another time after that. I want to learn more Spanish and perhaps this time actually try it out on others that speak it. I will learn more guitar and perhaps sing with it so I can learn strumming rhythm. I want to learn more about photography and commit to it by taking a class or at least buying a nice digital photography book.

I will say "yes" to things I've imagined but never substantiated. I accomplished one such thing by starting this blog. Maybe I'll make a quilt on my own and even do the quilting? Take classes for my own growth in addition to meeting new people? Sing for a special music or lead out in a song service? Volunteer at a soup kitchen or for Friendship Home? Start a Bible study group or book club? Take the GRE and get my Masters in English?

Finally, I especially hope to say "yes" to the most feared--the unknown. Those things for which I have the firmest "no" perfected. There is so much unknown and I'm... gulp... ready.


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